BSBingo: A proactive, win-win solution

Before you go into that next mind-numbing meeting, grab a Palm computer with BSBingo installed. When those familiar people start to prattle on about "core competencies," "synergy," and "leveraging," you will be on your way to BSBingo. As this CNN report puts it,
This software presents a list of words and phrases (typically corporate "yuckspeak") down the left-hand side of the Palm screen. As you tick the phrases off, the corresponding square in a bingo grid on the right is filled in.

If you are lucky enough to fill a row or column, the software displays "bulls**t" or whatever expletive you have specified. According to the rules, you should shout the same word to indicate your win.


If, like me, your most grueling sessions have involved academic circles, you'll want to check out the more customizable BYOBingo for Windows CE and Win32. I still have my buzzword bingo list from grad school ready to enter:

Consciousness, Justice, The [insert whatever] tradition, Accessible, Perspective, Sociopolitical reform, Radical critique, Critical enterprise, Potentially liberating, Problematic, Critical distance, Late-capitalist society, Heterosexual family, Alternative, Rationale, Dissemination, Dialog, Constructed, Consonant, Parochial mentality, Global, Option, Lifestyles, Paradigm, Hierarchy, Leadership, Incrementalist, On-the-ground implementation, Top-down, Couch (verb), Anarchic stance, Old-boy network, Lens, New York Times, Cultural manifestation, Resonance, Proletariat, Socialization, Society, The economic pie, Why isn't this working on a grassroots level?, Establishment....
Ack. Make it stop! No wonder I went into computers.
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