Friday night topic: How do you handle storage?

I was out last night having a beer with Andy, and the subject of storage came up. I told him I wanted to build a new system with a large RAID 1 array in order to keep my data safer and augment my practice of making backups of my critical data to DVD every so often. This prompted Andy to launch into an explanation of his storage and backup system, which involves multiple machines on his home network and is much more elaborate and secure than my own. He has different partitions for the OS and criticial data, and he has some archiving practices, as well. I mainly just have a stack of DVD-Rs and Nero.

Anyhow, our discussion made me wonder: how do you guys manage your data? What hardware, software, scripts, and schemes do you use to keep things secure? Or do you just like to risk it, and walk the ol' 7200-RPM tightrope without a net? Discuss.

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