ATI pledges quicker All-in-Wonder releases

According to this story over at The Inquirer, All-in-Wonder versions of ATI's next-gen graphics hardware will be available sooner than they have with the current Radeon x800 family. All-in-Wonder X800 XL and XT graphics cards have just recently become available on the market, and while the Radeon X800 XL was only announced in December, the Radeon X800 XT is nearly a year old. Interestingly, no one has stepped in to pick up the slack. NVIDIA's Personal Cinema hasn't really made the jump to the GeForce 6 series, either at the high or low end of the spectrum. Still, the prospect of an all-in-one graphics card capable of gaming, tuning TV signals, and capturing video is an attractive one, especially for small form factor systems with limited expansion capabilities.
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