Weekly Folding update

Welcome back to the Folding update. We're trying something new this week, so we'll see how it goes. A huge thanks to Jeffry55 for doing a lot of the legwork for this week's update; I'm basically summarizing his work.

Something that is talked about often in our Distributed Computing Forum is diskless folding. Several Team TR members have diskless farms, and many of them are our top producers. So, what is diskless folding? Basically, diskless folding is when a person has a system folding without the use of disk drives. That's right, not even a hard drive.

Our most veteran diskless folders are Just Brew It! and Cass. JBI has posted several pictures with commentary. This is also a very good resource to use when selecting components for your diskless folder. JBI uses LTSP and Linux to power his crate farm. In addition to his own diskless farm, Cass has also put together the TR Frankenbot Diskless Monstrosity. Cass has also experimented with Wine under Linux, which gives a diskless folder a production boost. In addition, in one of the more brilliant uses of furniture that I've seen, BeamMeUp introduced the world to The Folding Drawers of Doom.

Our F@H team has some great resources to help you get your own diskless farm running. Use them, and get into the game today.

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