Friday night topic: Global warming

Apparently, it's Earth Day! Somehow, I missed it, but TR reader "liar" brought it to my attention by suggesting tonight's topic: Global warming: real or not?

The questions about global warming are several, and probably start with some coarse questions about human nature, politics, and power. Rather than start there, though, I'll mention a couple of other things to start. First, there is the question of whether or not temperatures are really rising globally or just primarily in cities, where most of the instrumentation to measure such things is based. Next, there's the issue of whether or not human activity is contributing significantly to any warming that might be happening. If so, a related question would be: Is the infamous greenhouse effect to blame?

Now, even if you answer yes to all of those questions, can anyone really deny some folks have attached a quasi-religious apocalyptic significance to the greenhouse scenario? Wouldn't they rather that we just not have so many..... people... people with cars and energy and things? Or am I just a lousy American, brainwashed by too much variety of non-governmentally controlled news sources?


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