Turion 64 reviewed

GamePC has put together an interesting review of AMD's new Turion 64 processors. The article examines the performance of Turion 64 MT-30 and MT-34 processors and reveals some interesting tidbits on Socket 754 motherboard compatibility.
Turion64 processors run off the same Socket-754 form factor of AMD's first generation desktop Athlon64 processors, which also their current form factor for Mobile Athlon64 processors. This means that Turion64 processors will be able to drop into the majority of Socket-754 desktop and notebook motherboard without any hassle. However, the motherboard must have a BIOS which supports E-Stepping Athlon64 / Turion64 processors, and the motherboard must support the lower core voltage levels of the Turion64 processors. Many motherboard makers like Asus and DFI have already updated many of their BIOS's to support E-Stepping processors, so it's entirely possible to use Turion64 processors on the desktop today. In fact, all of our testing is done with an off-the-shelf nForce3 250GB Socket-754 motherboard which has been out for months.
The Turion 64's application performance is generally good, but power consumption is less inspiring. While the Turion 64 offers much lower power consumption than similarly-clocked Athlon 64 processors under load, idle power consumption is almost identical. And then there's the Pentium M, which even at 2.13GHz, consumes significantly less power at idle and under load than the Turion 64 at 1.6GHz.
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