Report claims VIA, ULi to license SLI platforms

According to a report at DigiTimes, VIA and ULi are expected to license ATI and NVIDIA's dual-graphics platforms. Licensing would presumably allow VIA and ULi chipsets to work with a pair of NVIDIA graphics cards in SLI, and with ATI's upcoming multi-rendering technology. Interestingly, VIA has been working on an SLI-capable platform dubbed DualGFX for some time. DualGFX was demoed back in November, but at the time, it wasn't working with SLI.

Thus far, NVIDIA has successfully limited SLI to approved platforms, frustrating a handful of nForce4 Ultra boards with dual PCI Express x16 slots in the process. If DigiTimes' sources are correct, and they usually are, NVIDIA appears to have thwarted VIA's attempts to crack the SLI code as well.

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