Apple freshens PowerMac lineup

As a prelude to the release of OS X "Tiger" on Friday, Apple has officially announced a new PowerMac G5 lineup. The top machine features dual G5 processors mated to a, er, killer graphics card:
Powered by dual 64-bit PowerPC G5 processors, the Power Mac G5 provides a 128-bit memory architecture, delivers expansion of up to 8GB of fast 400 MHz DDR SDRAM and supports graphics cards with up to 256MB of video memory. The top model features two 2.7 GHz processors, each with an independent 1.35 GHz front-side bus for an bandwidth of up to 21.6 GBps.

All new Power Mac G5 models come standard with dual-display support with either the ATI Radeon 9600 graphics card with 128MB of video memory or the ATI Radeon 9650 with 256MB of video memory.

Prices range from $2,999 for the dual 2.7GHz model to $1499 for the base 1.8GHz box. TR Macphile Thresher notes that the base memory level is now 512MB, dual-layer DVD drives are available, and all systems ship with OS X Tiger.

Apple has also trimmed prices on its Cinema Displays, bringing prices for the 20" model to $799 and the 23" version to $1499. That should be more competitive with killer deals like the Dell 2001FP.

All in all, the new lineup looks quite good, and I'm relieved to say so. Were it not good, I might face retaliation from Apple for pointing that out.

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