Poll time: Renewed interest in Intel?

We've whipped up a new poll for your voting pleasure, but first, let's quickly recap the results of our last poll on multiple programs. 32% of voters run between five and eight applications at the same time, followed by 25% with between nine and 12. 17% and 16% of voters run between one and four, and 13 and 20 apps, respectively, and 11% are into some hardcore multitasking with over 20 apps.

Those with a lot of applications running will probably be interested in dual-core processors, perhaps even those from Intel, so we ask:

Has the prospect of an inexpensive dual-core Pentium D renewed your interest in the Intel platform?
The Pentium D 820 2.8GHz is expected to sell for around $240. At that price, it may be much cheaper than AMD's dual-core desktop offerings. Would that pique your interest in the Intel platform? Go vote.

Update Damage: The poll has been reset due to some problems with counting. Computers are hard! Please vote again.

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