Friday night topic: Makeup: Gross or what?

I suppose part of the problem is that I live here in the Midwest, where wearing too much makeup is apparently required by state laws. Still, I am frequently repelled when I go out in public and get a look at the women┬Śmany of whom might otherwise be perfectly pleasant-looking people┬Śwearing thick layers of vaguely flesh-colored foundation makeup, on top of which they have smeared an increasingly unnatural mix of rouge, eyeliner, violent aqua-blue eye shadow, mascara, and the rest. It's gross, and it turns my stomach. The worst is when they're obviously wearing all of that stuff to cover up a horrid, pimply complexion caused, no doubt, by wearing too much makeup.


I have heard tales of men becoming much more attracted to women on camping and float trips and such when makeup is not an option, and I believe them. Why do women to this to themselves?

Guys: are you with me? Gals: do you smear on the makeup, and if so why? What amount of makeup, if any, is actually an improvement, and for whom? Discuss.

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