Apple updates iMacs for Tiger

— 10:42 AM on May 3, 2005

In addition to moving its iMac G5 line over to Tiger, the latest version of Mac OS X, Apple has also upgraded the system's hardware, adding Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, a 128MB Radeon 9600 graphics card, and 512MB of memory across the line. 2GHz processors are now available in both the 17" and 20" models, too.

Interestingly, the $1499 17" iMac at 2GHz costs the same amount as a single-processor Power Mac G5 1.8GHz. However, the PowerMac has only half the memory and hard drive capacity of the iMac, a slower front-side bus, and a GeForce 5200 Ultra with only 64MB of memory. The Power Mac doesn't come with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or an LCD display, either.

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