Inq spills beans on Intel's next-gen core

Charlie over at the Inquirer is waxing rhapsodic about the next CPU core that Intel apparently has up its sleeve. He has some details about this new design, and he says it's not what you might expect:
All of these parts will be completely new from the ground up. The talk of them being Pentium M based is complete bull because these are next generation "brains of the computer". They have all of the features of the current chips, all the *Ts (Socket Ts), and a few more, and of course are 64 bit. The most surprising bit is that they will not have on die memory controllers on Merom and Conroe.
He says this new CPU core will probably have around 12 or 13 stages and be a four-issue-wide design, giving it much higher clock-for-clock performance than even the Pentium M, which is certainly no slouch in that department. Look for these new chips to arrive in late 2006, he says.
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