Linux problems with Athlon chipsets?

Will an AMD Athlon system run Linux properly? Some folks say no, and the propsect of "serious" chipset compatibility problems with the Penguin-driven OS have prompted the LhD folks to pose the question in search of an answer. They should be getting some decent feedback, too, since the article is linked on Slashdot.

In my experience testing around here, I've seen Athlons with AMD 750 chipsets run Linux reasonably well even before the Athlon and 750 were released to the public. Newer VIA chipsets, however—and especially the ATA disk controllers—have stumbled badly in Linux, even with Pentium III processors. I even mentioned it a while back, and we got some answers, but no definitive remedies.

What do you guys think? Is it only Athlons, or is it just a Via chipset problem, or what?

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