Pentium 4 500 series to pick up EM64T support

Intel will apparently bring EM64T support to its Pentium 4 500 series this summer:
Intel’s lineup of EM64T- and EDB-enabled Intel Pentium 4 processors 500-series will consist of models 571, 561, 551, 541, 531 and 521, which are clocked at 3.80GHz, 3.60GHz, 3.40GHz, 3.20GHz, 3.00GHz and 2.80GHz respectively. The new chips will substitute Intel Pentium 4 models 570, 560, 550, 540, 530 and 520 on the market, the world’s largest chipmaker indicated. The new microprocessors will be equipped with 1MB of L2 cache, designed to be drop-in compatible with LGA775 infrastructure with 800MHz processor system bus and will retain thermal specs similar to predecessors. It is unclear whether the forthcoming chips will have any additional changes compared to the original Intel Pentium 4 500-series products.
The 64-bit 500 series will join a crowded lineup of desktop chips, which already includes the single-core Pentium 4 600 series, and the dual-core 800s. And don't forget about Celerons, which should gain EM64T support at some point as well.
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