Abit brings vGuru to Radeon X800 XL

Ronald already touched on this in the 'bread, but Abit's Fatal1ty X800 XL 512MB deserves a little extra attention. As its name implies, the card is derived from the Radeon X800 XL 512MB we reviewed last week. Based on the results of our testing, it's hard to get really excited about extra graphics memory. However, Abit's Fatal1ty card packs more than just extra memory chips; it also comes with vGuru.
Based on ABIT's renowned µGuru™ motherboard technology, ABIT's vGuru places unprecedented graphics power and control into the hands of the user. vGuru takes OC Guru™ overclocking, Fan EQ™ fan control, and BlackBox™ diagnostic technologies, and applies them to ABIT's graphics card lineup with an easy-to-use Windows-based interface. With vGuru, users are able to harness the raw potential of ABIT's graphics cards and walk the path of enlightened stability and performance. ABIT XTurbo™ technology allows you to effortlessly squeeze extra performance from your graphics card. Developed by ABIT Engineers, XTurbo equips the graphics card with not one but two BIOS chips. With the click of a button, users can select between normal and XTurbo operating modes.
vGuru has previously only been available on Radeon X300- and X600-based products, but it looks like Abit is finally ready to bring the technology to high-end cards. Fan speed control and an overclocking-friendly second BIOS would certainly be interesting additions to an enthusiast-friendly graphics card, although it's disappointing to note that the card pictured in the press release lacks dual DVI outputs.
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