Far Cry (finally) goes 64 bits

After proudly displaying an AMD64 logo on its box since its release, the excellent first-person shooter Far Cry finally has a working 64-bit version. Although our copy apparently got lost in the mail, there are articles about the 64-bit patch over at AMDZone and AnandTech. There are minor performance improvements, if any, in moving to 64 bits. (These two articles differ on the question.) However, CryTek has bundled in some additional eye candy and a couple of new levels with the 64-bit patch, and those may be worth a look. The extra goodies don't really have much to do with 64-bitness, but they're apparently restricted to the 64-bit version of the game for marketing purposes.

The patch itself is now available for download from AMD, although their U.S. mirror seems to be even more slammed this morning than the TR web server was yesterday morning. Fortunately, the file's also up for download at FileShack, where my Mercury subscription is currently netting me a 582KB/s transfer rate.

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