Weekly Folding update

It’s time for another weekly folding update. First on our list this week is UnitedGerbilNation’s bid for world domination, as detailed here. In case you missed it last week, we’re trying to make UGN the most powerful folder in the world by getting new recruits who aren’t interested in folding under their own name to join the nation and be part of something soon to be huge. Please help us catch up to Rage3D and save The Tech Report the humiliation of becoming doodyheads. So far it looks like the plan is working; yesterday UGN topped 5,000 points for the day. That’s still far short of the goal of 35,000 points daily by the end of the month, but with enough recruits we can make it.

In other folding news, AmishRakeFight has returned to folding at work now that he has begun rolling out Windows XP. There really is no simpler way to fold than running the console client as a service, just pick a name (or join UGN) and use “2630” as your team number. Forum member Dually did some great work getting members of another forum he frequents to join the fold. Please stop by this thread and greet our new teammates. If you spend a lot of time in the forums of a site without a folding team, I’d like to encourage you to invite them over. It’s a great way boost our production and also build our community. For the rest of the update, please follow me into the forums.

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