MPAA goes after television trading hubs

The MPAA has turned its attention to TV traders, filing lawsuits against six BitTorrent hubs that specialize in television programming.
"Every television series depends on other markets (such as) syndication and international sales to earn back the enormous investment required to produce the comedies and dramas we all enjoy," MPAA Chief Executive Officer Dan Glickman said in a statement. "Those markets are substantially hurt when that content is stolen."
And let's not forget the advertisers; television shows distributed over peer-to-peer networks have generally had the commercials ripped out. Television programming is increasingly being released on DVD, as well, which is one more potential source of revenue for piracy to threaten.

Interestingly, television programming may be the most innocuous of all P2P network content, at least as far as downloaders are concerned. Piracy is piracy, of course, but users may feel more comfortable sharing television content than they would software, movies, or music.

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