Firefox growth continues, more slowly

Although Firefox has been downloaded more than 50 million times, the browser's growth rate continues to slow. Initially, the browser was gaining market share at a rate of 1% a month, but lately that growth rate has dropped by two thirds. Why the slowdown?
The slackening of Firefox's growth could mean that the browser has converted a substantial proportion of its natural constituency, thought to be early adopters and the technically savvy. It could also show that the browser's widely publicised security flaws have begun to undermine the foundation's argument that people should switch from IE to be safer.
The Mozilla Foundation maintains that Firefox is more secure than its competition, but recent vulnerabilities may have somewhat tarnished that image. Supporters are at least encouraged that the browser's popularity continues to grow, even if it's at a more leisurely pace. Still, with its current market share sitting at 6.8%, the browser will have to pick up the pace a little if it expects to hit the Mozilla Foundation's goal of 10% by year's end.
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