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At long last, I've finally posted a new poll topic. This time around, we're weighing in on the best punishment for Microsoft now that the court has established anti-trust law violations. Vent on MS with a vicious button press, if you must. I'll betcha the tech crowd will vote a bit differently on this than would the general population.

As for our last poll, it looks like TR readers are pretty darned wired. Yes, the single biggest category was Luddite (36%), but the other two-thirds of the voters had at least one digital tether. Among those folks, the "Wired" category (two gadgets) was tops at 18%. Next up was the lone cell phone (13%), followed closely by "Tethered" (three gadgets) at 12%. Incredibly, a full 7% of the crowd fit into the brutal "Brain Tumor" category, which means they probably have a cell phone, pager, laptop computer, and a PDA—at least. Not to mention that furry growth just under the skull.

We also learned that Forumaniacs rancid_meat and Kampf figured out how to post replies to our polls. Yep, folks, since the polls are based on our amazing new forums, posting a longer response into the thread is entirely do-able. Might as well be able to talk about your options.

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