Report reveals government Wi-Fi insecurities

The number of insecure wireless networks that I encounter in commercial and apartment buildings never ceases to amaze me. Businesses and individuals seem to be either unable to secure their Wi-Fi networks, or unaware that they should. They're not alone, though. A recent report by the US Government Accountability Office reveals that many government agencies are vulnerable to unauthorized wireless access.
But nine of the 24 major agencies haven't issued wireless-security plans, while many others provided little guidance for acceptable use, the GAO found.

Thirteen agencies don't require their Wi-Fi networks to be set up in a secure manner, and most don't monitor their wireless activity, the report said.

GAO investigators were able to pick up Wi-Fi signals from outside all of the six agencies they tested, and they were able to find examples of unauthorized activity at all six as well.

Your tax dollars at work.
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