Apple to use Intel processors?

The sensational rumor du jour comes from the Wall Street Journal, which has reported "that Apple will agree to use Intel chips," according to Here's a link to the original article, but accessing it requires a subscription. The opening of the article conspicuously cites the WSJ using the word "chips," not "microprocessors," and I'm not sure what that means. They do seem to be talking CPUs, however, and wondering what form a move by Apple would take:
It was unclear whether such a move would signal a large-scale shift away from chips made by IBM, Apple's longtime supplier, the article said.

Apple could choose to add some Intel-based models to its product line or make a complete shift to Intel's chip technology in what would be seen as a serious blow to IBM's chip business, the newspaper said.

One possible reason for the switch, or at least for Apple considering such a swich, could be pricing. The WSJ report apparently speculates that Apple might be able to get better pricing this way, allowing it to compete on price with rivals like Dell.

Personally, I hope Apple converts to x86 CPUs and even gets into supplying the MacOS for standard PC hardware. They should have done it 20 years ago, but late is better than never.

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