The T-bird flies on Monday

Yep, AMD's new Athlons, likely to be the fastest x86 processors around for a little while, will be taking wing on Monday, according to reports pretty much everywhere.

At least some T-birds may ride in SiS's new Slot/Socket A chipset, the Sis730S, announced yesterday. The SiS does PC133, AGP 4X, ATA100, six USB ports, 3D positional audio, and has integrated graphics in addition to the AGP slot. Beyond that, this pup is one chip; no separate north and south bridges on this one. That will make it cheap, and might also make it pretty darned fast.

The press release includes this zinger: "All major OEMs and motheroard [sic] makers are expecting to introduce SiS730S-based solutions in Q3 2000." As JC pointed out, does that mean even Dell? I tend to think so, since this integrated support chipset/sound/graphics chip would make a heckuva platform for an AMD Duron. Even Intel's de-facto marketing arm (Dell) might use a Duron in a low-end PC, even if the Athlon remains anathema. I'd think.

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