Weekly folding update

Welcome to the weekly folding update, now at our new time. I was hoping to have a surprise for UGN this week, but sadly, it’s not ready yet. Maybe next week, gerbils. Stayed tuned. Our effort to build UGN is going well; they are definitely on the up and up. You can read about our new initiative here.

This week, I want to ask a question of all you non-folders out there, and I’d sincerely appreciate your thoughtful replies. What do you think of folding? I’m not asking why you don’t fold (though I’d listen if you told me), but what are your opinions on the project as a whole? Do you know what it’s all about or do your eyes glaze over when we talk about “that protein thing” week after week? I’ve asked in the forums for the folding crew to keep an eye out specifically for questions you might have this week, so please, comment away. We want to know what’s on your mind. After you’ve posted maybe you could step into the forums for the rest of the update.

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