nForce4 for Intel lacks support for Pentium D 820

This report over at Xbit Labs suggests that NVIDIA's nForce4 SLI Intel Edition chipset may not be fully compatible with Intel's upcoming Pentium D 820 processor. The dual-core chip will apparently work with NVIDIA's core logic, but only in single-core mode.
NVIDIA’s spokesperson confirmed that the company had scrapped support for Intel Pentium D processor 820, which works at 2.80GHz, on its chipsets citing low demand for such chip from enthusiasts. NVIDIA’s nForce4 SLI Intel Edition chipsets will only support Intel dual-core processors at 3.0GHz and above: even

“We decided not to support the lowest performance 2.80GHz dual-core at this point. We expect very limited demand in the enthusiast and gaming segment for this SKU and we decided not to spend engineering resources qualifying it for now… We support 3.0GHz and above,” said Bryan Del Rizzo.

While the Pentium 4's comparatively poor gaming performance makes it unlikely that serious gamers will flock to a Pentium D 820 at 2.8GHz, many enthusiasts have been intrigued by the prospect of an affordable dual-core chip. With an expected price of only $241, the Pentium D 820 is much less expensive than the cheapest Athlon 64 X2, which is slated to cost over $500.
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