No plans for new single-core Athlon 64s

C|Net has coverage of AMD's official Athlon 64 X2 launch, including word that we may not see any new single-core Athlon 64 processor models.
The debut of the dual-core chips also means the beginning of the end for the Athlon 64 line. "We have no immediate plans for new Athlon 64s," Seckler said. (The top chip right now goes at 2.4GHz). There are also no current plans to come out with a dual-core chip for the Sempron line, AMD's budget processor.
AMD has plans to introduce a dual-core Athlon 64 FX, but not until games begin to take greater advantage of multithreading. A dual-core Turion mobile processor is apparently on the way as well, but that chip won't make an appearance until next year.

Update Scott: This is bunk.

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