Weekly folding update

Welcome again to the weekly folding update. Sadly, my surprise for UGN isn't ready yet, but I’m going to reveal it anyway in the hopes that you can help me get it done. Check out this link and you’ll soon understand.

Our battle with Rage3D is going better as of late. Unfortunately, that's mostly due to How???’s drop in production. He could come back at any time and we need to keep up (and surpass) when he does. Please join the team and help us avoid becoming doodyheads!

Last up for the front page, I want to take a second to plug my bumper sticker contest, which is open to folders and non-folders alike. You can even enter if you fold for another team (but your sticker has to advertise for TR). The winners will be made available for purchase at Cafepress and the 1st place winner will get a $25 gift certificate from Newegg, so get your butt into the forums and enter (and read the rest of the update).

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