Shuttle cooks up wicked SLI SFF

COMPUTEX — Shuttle is again cramming more stuff into less space with a slick new small form factor system. The SN26P mates the P-series chassis with NVIDIA's nForce4 SLI chipset, and it does in fact seem capable of cooling two GeForce 6800 GT cards without sounding like a Boeing 777. The key to doing so is a dual heat pipe solution that routes heat from the GPUs into a radiator placed right in front of the system's two rear exhaust fans. It's all very compact and hard to photograph, but you can see the heat pipes snaking up from the GPUs in the picture below:

The SN26P features a Socket 939, err, socket and a 350W power supply. That's a pair of Leadtek GeForce 6800 GT graphics cards in the picture. Shuttle has the SN26P running 3DMark05 in its demo system, and it all seems to work as advertised. The box itself looks very much like other P-series systems, this time with an all-black treatment.

We'll have to snag one for review as soon as humanly possible.

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