Gigabyte to offer 6800 GT SLI on a stick

COMPUTEX — We've already seen Gigabyte's 3D1 that combines a pair of GeForce 6600 GT GPUs on a single video card, and we've gaped at Asus' massive dual GeForce 6800 Ultra card. Now Gigabyte is showing a much more compact card, the 3D1 2005, that shoehorns a couple of GeForce 6800 GT chips into a space not much larger than a single 6800 Ultra card based on NVDIA's reference design.

The card's a little bit obscured in the picture by Gigabyte's new "fan on a stick" product, which offers, err, a fan... on a stick. Mainly for custom, localized GPU cooling.

The 3D1 2005 has 512MB of memory onboard, split between the two GPUs. Gigabyte says they will set the price on this card once they know more about the price and performance of NVIDIA's G70 GPU.

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