G5 benchmarked against Opteron, Xeon

TR regular Thresher tipped us off that AnandTech has a great article comparing the performance of Apple's dual-processor G5 against that of dual Opteron and Xeon systems. It's a revealing read, and shows that while the G5 can be an excellent workstation processor, platform and OS limitations make it a poor choice for servers.
The server performance of the Apple platform is, however, catastrophic. When we asked Apple for a reaction, they told us that some database vendors, Sybase and Oracle, have found a way around the threading problems. We'll try Sybase later, but frankly, we are very sceptical. The whole "multi-threaded Mach microkernel trapped inside a monolithic FreeBSD cocoon with several threading wrappers and coarse-grained threading access to the kernel", with a "backwards compatibility" millstone around its neck sounds like a bad fusion recipe for performance.
OS X isn't above reproach, after all.
Tip: You can use the A/Z keys to walk threads.
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