Weekly folding update

This week, I want to congratulate the team for doing so well recently. We’ve really picked it up and the results speak for themselves. As I type this there are no less than four teams on our conquest list and none on our threat list (but don’t forget about the up-and-coming Maximum PC Magazine). Rage3D’s champion, 1920x1080i-How???, has stumbled a bit recently. That, coupled with our recent surge in production, has us out-producing our arch rivals (in a friendly way of course) by a small amount. That small amount still has us passing Ars slightly more than a month after Rage3D, though, so we must add to it. With How???’s fluctuating production, this is still anyone’s game. Don’t let team TR become doodyheads!

In other news, the citizens of UGN are deciding whether to take me up on my challenge to a duel. So far, it's split down the middle, but a lot of people are interested in watching. If you're not already folding you can help make the decision, name the stakes, and influence the outcome by joining up with UGN. I'm looking forward to a good fight and I'm willing to be completely humiliated in the event that I lose. Don't expect that to happen, though; I'm not going to make it easy. Lastly, I want to thank Sparrow for doing a little coding and hosting the UGN sig image. Since dotcomguy over at Statgfx seems to have vanished, it wouldn't be possible for UGN to sport their swanky new banner if it wasn't Sparrow.

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