VIA C7-M demoed at Computex

The Inquirer has an interesting look at VIA's new C7-M processor, revealing the chip's incredibly tiny 30mm2 die size and 10.1W TDP. VIA even went so far as to remove the heat sink to demonstrate how cool the chip was running.
The heat production, it is again quite low. During the DVD playback, CJ removed the fan, then the heatsink, from the CPU. It ran cool to the touch, and the DVD did not skip. When a high load was put on the chip, again without heatsink, it would get very hot very quickly, and throttle at 70C. Now, if you keep your heatsink on, this CPU should live quite happily at low temps no matter what you do.
The C7-M's 10W TDP is certainly impressive, especially considering that Intel's standard Pentium M and Celeron M processors carry a TDP of between 21W and 27W. However, Intel also has a line of Low and Ultra Low Voltage Pentium M and Celeron M chips with TDPs between 5W and 12W. The C7-M should be cheaper than those low voltage chips, but perhaps not faster.
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