PlayStation 3 will be capable of running Linux

Sony President Ken Kutaragi has revealed that the PlayStation 3 "entertainment supercomputer" will run Linux. In fact, Sony plans to offer hard drives for the console with Linux pre-installed, although it's unclear whether the drives will ship with the system or have to be purchased separately.
This will be the first form that [the Cell] will be spread. It can connect a keyboard, and it has all the necessary interfaces. It can run media, and it can run on a network. It's got such an all-around purpose, and it's open. It will become completely open if we equip it with Linux, and programmers will be able to do anything with it.
Sony seems interested in having enthusiasts exploit the PlayStation 3's considerable potential, but one has to wonder how enthusiastic they'll be when someone writes a Linux app that allows users to pirate games easily.
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