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Those of you who read my recent BX vs. Via review will know I think SMP is the bee's knees. In celebration of the goodness that is multiple CPUs, I ripped some SMP info from 2CPU.com for y'all. First up is a trick, posted by Kampf, to make Q3A run in Windows 2000:
Simply make a batch file to go to your Q3A directory and put in the following commands:

start /realtime quake3.exe +set r_smp 1

The problem is it sets "r_smp 1" in Q3Aconfig, so you might need to make another file to run it "r_smp 0".

With the 5.22 drivers on a GF DDR i lose nearly 27FPS with "r_smp 1", go figure...

So it seems to help stability, but it's slow. Anyone tried this? Any results?

Also on the SMP front, check out this review of a new Asus dually motherboard based on a ServerWorks chipset. Wonders never cease.

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