Jobs rejected Cell for Apple switch

The New York Times has learned that Sony tried to convince Apple to switch from PowerPC to its Cell processor.
Mr. Kutaragi tried to interest Mr. Jobs in adopting the Cell chip, which is being developed by I.B.M. for use in the coming PlayStation 3, in exchange for access to certain Sony technologies. Mr. Jobs rejected the idea, telling Mr. Kutaragi that he was disappointed with the Cell design, which he believes will be even less effective than the PowerPC.
Of course, some may question whether Jobs has the technical acumen to effectively evaluate the Cell's potential.

Interestingly, the article also speculates that an Intel-based Mac might be able to run Windows, citing gaming as one reason why users might want to dual-boot. That may be wishful thinking, but it's an intriguing possibility, and something that could make an Intel-based Mac that much more attractive to PC enthusiasts.

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