Weekly folding update

First up this week I want to congratulate TheBank for overtaking the mysterious LordIcon and claiming first place on our team. You guys do awesome work, and we're glad you're on our side! The second most newsworthy item of the day is http://TRfolding.org, which forum regular Ragnar Dan registered. TRfolding.org currently redirects to the team folding page, and the shorter domain should make things like bumper stickers and t-shirts more effective recruiting tools.

Speaking of bumper stickers, I've moved the entry deadline for the contest up to the 24th of June so I'll have enough time to get some made up to bring to the upcoming Detroit BBQ. Get your entries in; there's $25 of Newegg cash on the line, and it'll help the team. The contest is open to all folders and non-folders so you have no excuse. That's it for the front page, hop into the forums for the rest of the update.

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