A new lamb to the slaughter?

The guys at FullOn3D have gotten their hands on a brand-new contender in the 3D graphics rat race, STMicro's KYRO card, based on the PowerVR Series 3 chip. This puppy seems to have all the latest "checklist" 3D features, including full-scene antialiasing, bump mapping, and motion blur effects. The FO3D guys even ran some benchmarks on early hardware and drivers:
Quake3 has had some pretty interesting lock ups. It generally happens during res switches or enabling Trilinear Filtering. So the benches I have are with Bilinear Filtering. FSAA is off.

High Quality (800x600) - 75.5 fps - Demo001
High Quality (1024x768) - 51.2 fps - Demo001"

They're saying that puts the card into GeForce territory, but the thing should list for under (maybe well under) US$200.

There's also a review at Boomgames that includes a more complete set of benchmarks, plus some screenshots. It all looks reasonably good. Might we have a viable contender here?

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