iPod Shuffle sales faltering?

DigiTimes is reporting that sales of Apple's iPod Shuffle may be faltering.
Although the iPod Shuffle was a hit when it was first introduced on the market, sales of the MP3 player are not justifying the supply forecasts for NAND flash that Apple has secured from Samsung, the sources stated.
The iPod Shuffle made a big splash when it was first announced, in part because it was more affordable than competing flash-based MP3 players with similar capacities. However, while the price of competing MP3 players has dropped over the past several months, Shuffle pricing remains unchanged. Limited features may also be hurting the Shuffle's appeal. The device's lack of a display is glaring when compared with the LCD-equipped competition from Creative, Sony, and others. Random shuffling only goes so far when your 1GB player is packing close to 240 tracks.
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