Windows XP gains ground with businesses

Although Windows XP is gaining popularity among business users, it's not doing so at the expense of Windows 2000. BetaNews is reporting that since the last quarter of 2003, Windows XP usage among businesses has jumped from 6.6% to 38%. Over the same period, Windows 2000 usage has only dropped from 52% to 48%. XP seems to be replacing Windows 95 and 98, although it appears that upgrades are being driven more by out of date hardware than any desire for a new operating system.
AssetMetrix said the findings of the study show that most companies seem to be upgrading just out of hardware obsolescence rather than keeping up with the latest and greatest operating systems offered by Microsoft. Older Windows 95 and 98 computers seem to be getting replaced by computers running Windows XP.

"Companies re-deploying PCs, without a policy to manage and support their operating systems, will have their Windows XP transition rate dictated by PC obsolescence rather than by intelligent planning and forecasting," Steve O'Halloran of AssetMetrix explained.

Mainstream support for Windows 2000 runs out on June 30, although users will have access to free security updates and be able to pay for extended support until 2010.
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