SLI coming to non-NVIDIA chipsets?

The Inquirer reports that NVIDIA is testing SiS, VIA, and Intel 945 and 955X chipsets for SLI certification. Interestingly, certification won't necessarily be limited to chipsets that can redirect eight lanes of PCI Express to each x16 slot:
It was pretty interesting to hear that the company doesn't has anything against SLI in x16/x4 PCIe configuration, as long as performance suffer too much (interesting, when MyStarInternational made that nF4 Ultra thingie with x16/x4 configuration, Green Goblin sent all of its flak towards TheirStarInternational and they had to can the product).
x16/x4 configurations must still live up to NVIDIA's SLI performance expectations, which include performance gains of at least 50% in NVIDIA's suite of test applications.
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