Athlon 64 X2 snapped up quickly in Japan

AMD's new Athlon 64 X2 processors apparently touched down in Japan this weekend, with several shops offering limited supplies of the dual-core chips. The Athlon 64 X2 4200+, 4600+, and 4800+ were all available, but prices were a little higher than expected.
Prices ranged from $606 to $609 for the slower of the three chips, to $910 to $919 for the mid-range part and around $1,135 for the 4800+. AMD's price-list has the three parts down as $537, $803 and $1,001, though that's OEM pricing, with buyers committing themselves to purchasing parts in batches of 1,000 chips.
Despite the higher prices, the chips apparently sold out quickly. There's no word on just how many were actually available, though. On this continent, few retailers list the Athlon 64 X2 as in stock, but a handful expect to start shipping the new chips within the next couple of weeks.
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