Weekly folding update

Hello and welcome. If you happen to be here today to read TR's take on NVIDIA's latest greatest G70 GPU, please consider taking a second more to also read about our Folding@home team. Using your computer to fold helps researchers get closer to curing debilitating diseases, and it can be a lot of fun. Give it a try; it's guaranteed to bolster you status as a geek.

This week in folding news we have bhtooefr's folding flier. Print out a few and hang them where people will see them (get permission where needed, of course.) Also, Rage3D's personal folding titan is back to full production after a couple weeks of shaky output. We've been on Rage3D's threat list for a good while, and we don't want to let one man break our team now! Drop in on this thread to share your ideas on increasing production. We'd especially like to hear from non-folders, front-page-only posters, and folders who aren't already posting. Lastly, this is the final reminder to enter the bumper sticker contest. It ends on Friday, so if you've got mad graphics skillz, the time to show them off is now.

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