Weekly folding update

We have lots to mention this week. First, voting has begun in the bumper sticker contest. Second, forum regular Sparrow is at it again, this time with a fully customizable system for stat sigs. You can use your own image and place the text anywhere you want, which is very impressive. I also want to call attention to a new power folder among us. 3DGPU has really taken off and is currently the fifth highest producer on the team, beating out the likes of TheJuggernaut, Leor, and UnitedGerbilNation (which you should join if you're not folding.) 3DGPU is growing fast, too, and with the power of the entire 3DGPU forums behind it, I'm going to have to start worrying soon.

Speaking of worrying, I am starting to worry more and more about our competition with Rage3D. With How???'s return, Rage3D has managed to sneak off our threat list despite our best efforts to keep them there. We simply need more folders, so if you don't have anything better to do at the moment please look into folding for TR. Overcoming Rage3D is still within our grasp, but time is not on our side (we have less than a month and a half!) I know we have it in us to avoid the humiliation of becoming doodyheads. If we band together we can stand up to How??? and his minions. If you would like to track our battle with Rage3D you should check out another one of Sparrow's creations: this page shows a detailed breakdown of statistics and gives a good idea of just how much we need to increase production in order to beat Rage3D. At the moment, we are nearly 50k points per day behind at ~200k PPD. However, just this past Saturday we spiked to 230k, and Rage3D's production is variable at best. For reference we're looking to add about 750GHz. That's a tall order. Are you up to it?

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