Iomega's Click! of death for MP3s

Iomega announced today that their Click! drives will be used in a number of upcoming MP3 players. With 40 megs of storage per disk, these relatively inexpensive disks could be a decent medium for toting around all your music.

However, Iomega also announced their "digital audio strategy" today, and as in the past, Ioemga is supporting measures that could make moving your current MP3s to Click! disks rather problematic:

Iomega is an active member of the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI). Iomega supports the SDMI goals of convenient access to quality recordings for consumers, ensuring copyright protection for artists' work, and enabling technology and music companies to build successful business on the Internet. Iomega's Zip(R), Jaz(R) and Clik!(TM) disks include a unique serialization feature, which conforms to the SDMI portable media standards. SDMI compliant digital music players built around Iomega(R) drives and media allow the secure download of music off the Internet while protecting music copyrights.
It's amazing how companies think they can and should profit off of the MP3 craze, yet they fundamentally misunderstand the appeal of freely moving and mixing songs around at will.
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