editor weighs in on AMD-Intel

Ok, this editorial should spark some interesting discussions. I suppose Mr. Cooper knows what he's talking about, being the Executive Editor of, but I still can't quite square some of his statements, like this one:
For years, AMD was its own worst enemy. Under the stewardship of its flamboyant but feckless co-founder, Jerry Sanders, the company had a remarkable knack for disappointing Wall Street. With his white mane and tailored pinstripe suits, Sanders made for great copy, but his company remained a perennial underachiever.

The picture began to brighten only after Hector Ruiz came over from Motorola in 2000 as president.

Really? Hmm.

Shortly thereafter, he drops this gem:

Sometimes the best mousetrap does not win. (Despite having the best computer design in the business, for example, Apple Computer still has only a puny market share.)
Is that so? That's logic and reasoning for you, from the world where investor-oriented news and fetishism about Apple's industrial design choices passes for technology journalism.

Wait, did I say that out loud?

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