ATI unveils All-in-Wonder X800 XL

The All-In-Wonder line of do-everything video cards just got a new member in the form of a card based on the Radeon X800 XL graphics chip with a PCI Express interface. You can read the press release spiel for yourself at ATI's site.

The All-in-Wonder X800 XL, priced at $399, is similar to the AIW X800 XT that we recently awarded an Editor's Choice for AGP systems. We noted then that the AIW X800 XT had some shortcomings for home theater PC use, and it appears ATI is addressing them. Most notably, all of the All-in-Wonder cards down to the Radeon 9600 version will soon support Windows XP Media Center Edition, giving them the silent recording capabilities that ATI's software so sorely lacks. The AIW X800 XL will also support some new broadcast digital video formats, like DVB-T.

The AIW X800 XL "will be available in both North America and Europe later this summer," according to ATI.

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