There's an interesting story over at the Register about yet another VBScript virus that propagates by mailing copies of itself to everyone in your Outlook address book. What makes this one different is that it also randomly spams Spanish cell phones via an SMS gateway. The text of the e-mail is in Spanish, and it appears that the virus was written specifically to target the cell phone company. Sounds like somebody's pissed off about their roaming fees.

The Register claims the virus has been found in the wild in Spain, but according to this article, none of the cell phone customers on the target network have complained about the effects of the virus, and antivirus experts think they caught it before it could actually affect any cell phones. Other antivirus experts did report complaints, however, so it appears there's some disagreement here. Regardless, it's predicted that more and more viruses will be written to target cell phones, pagers and handhelds in the future. Yay.

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