NVIDIA says there are 'many' clocks on G70

The questions raised recently about the clock speeds inside of the G70 GPU powering the GeForce 7800 GTX are getting some partial answers over at bit-tech.net. They've managed to snag an interview with David Kirk, NVIDIA's Chief Scientist, who is his usual enlightening but enigmatic self when addressing G70 clocks:
"The chip was designed from the ground up to use less power. In doing that, we used a lot of tricks that we learned from doing mobile parts. The clock speeds within the chip are dynamic - if you were watching them with an oscilloscope, you'd see the speeds going up and down all the time, as different parts of the chip come under load."
He doesn't reveal exactly how many independent clock speeds can happen at once on the chip, but we now know there's more complexity involved than previously thought.
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