QuakeCon 2005 approaches

It's coming:
This August, something else is coming to Texas besides the heat!

The 10th Annual QuakeCon is Ground Zero for hardcore gamers around the world, August 11-14. As the largest four-day gaming festival in North America, more than 6,000 rabid game fans are expected to attend this celebration of "peace, love and rockets."

There will be plenty to keep you busy at this year's event:

  • Attend a keynote address by id Software co-founder and lead programmer John Carmack

  • Get a first look at QUAKE 4 multiplayer gameplay

  • Get the latest details on Enemy Territory: QUAKE WARS

  • Go to two over-the-top, wild parties

  • Check out the $150,000 Nvidia Championships at QuakeCon

  • Meet Jon Farhat, visual effects supervisor, DOOM feature film

  • Attend the popular overclocking workshop sponsored by HardOCP
And you can bet that there will be a few other surprises for you as well! You know you want to experience this first hand, and not read about it; so shoot us an e-mail so we can get you set up with press credentials for the 10th Annual QuakeCon.
QuakeCon is like nothing else in its size, scope, and quality. You really ought to consider going this year. Sign up and get more info at the QuakeCon website.
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