Athlon 64 higher memory speeds examined

Anand has posted an article that looks into the unofficial support for higher memory clock speeds that AMD has built into its newer revision-E K8 cores, including the those in the Athlon 64 X2, Venice-core chips, and the FX-57. You'll probably need a BIOS update in order to expose the new memory divider options, but once you've got them, these new processors offer haphazard support for DDR memory speeds between 400 and 500MHz. That's especially noteworthy because a number of higher-grade specialty DDR DIMMs are now able to run at 466MHz or even 500MHz at very tight timings. Anand found that memory speeds above DDR400 help more in bandwidth-limited tasks, more with dual-core CPUs than singles, and more at higher CPU clock speeds than at lower ones¬ójust as one might expect.
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